Thought For The Day



This is actually a huge pet peeve of mine. Why do people think they can merge onto the highway going 30 m.p.h.?

6 thoughts on “Thought For The Day

  1. Fun fact: In some states (I’m looking at you PA) there are stop signs at the top of on ramps. So, you slam on your brakes to make sure if it safe to merge and then slam on the gas to get up to speed before getting squished. It’s “brilliant.”
    Definitely one of my pet peeves too.

  2. John meet DMH. DMH meet John. I hear this all the time from DMH. I always tell him: “Maybe it’s an old person or a teen not comfortable with driving on the highway yet.” It’s always someone talking on their phone.

  3. YES YES YES! I think that if you are too timid to drive on the highway, then find an alternate route. But don’t put my life in danger. (Can you tell I carry on a pretty lively play-by-play when I am driving? :) )

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