Poetry From The Spam Filter: Thirteen


Another entry in my ongoing series of taking the complete, unedited text from an email caught in my WordPress spam filter, and formatting its gibberish into poetry (one email equals one poem — I do not combine them in anyway). Except for formatting the email to look like a poem, I make no changes to text, spelling, content, etc.

Strangely, they seem to make sense when you read them as a poem.  And, as a public service, I offer a reading of the poem as well:



Digital marketing was marketing,
you’d never dream of
are found primarily in stocks.

Bear in mind, rather than oils,
avocadoes and tomatoes that are
taking place.
Undigested food rots
inside the bean is a healthy food toxicity.
Processing removes healthy food essential nutrients.
It s Thursday afternoon, they said;
prevention is better then!
All that downtime takes a lot of people
have an amazing ability to help your child eats
all of us do not eat
adequate amounts of foods they eat.