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Random Thoughts re: Dictionaries

Dictionaries are always of interest because you learn so many things. For those who don’t regularly read dictionaries, you might be unaware of the fact that dictionaries can often be a source of amusement.

The pages in dictionaries have two words at the top of each page to let you know where you are alphabetically, telling you the first and last word on the page. Consider the following interesting groupings:

  • jocular/Jonson (sounds like a happy penis)
  • muumuu/mystify (muumuus are often quite a mystery
  • odious/office (self-explanatory)
  • satiate/savings and loan association (just an interesting coupling of words)
  • hump/hurt (means it’s not being done right)
  • hilarious/hippie
  • Frankfurt/freedom (which would have been more interesting if the wall were still standing)
  • filmmaking/fingering (sounds like some sort of lesbian film)

Also consider that Lena Horne, Toni Morrison, Malcom X, Aaron Burr, Michael Jordan are mentioned in the dictionary, as is Sennacherib (who died in 681 BC and was the King of Assyria), yet the only Madonna in the dictionary is the Virgin Mary.

Also, the page with Burr/bust is rather amusing. The second column starts with pictures of both Presidents Bush, GHWB and GWB, and because of spacing, the entries for both are at the bottom of the first column, their pictures are at the top of the second column, and right under the pictures are the entries for the following words: bushel, bushing, bush-league, Bushman, bushmaster, and bushwhack. Amusing in itself, but even funnier if you give new definitions to the words:

  • Bushel: a collection of Bush presidents
  • Bushing: sexual slang, see also bush-diving and bush-munching
  • bush-league: The vast right wing conspiracy bent on overthrowing the Clinton legacy
  • Bushman: What Barbara calls her husband
  • Bushmaster: What Laura calls her husband
  • Bushwhack: what the bushel and the bush-league have done to the country.

Amusing? Perhaps. Then again, could just be I have too much free time.

(From the American Heritage paperback, 4E.)


Quoth The Raven: Garrison Keillor

An old favorite…

Garrison Keillor has a great take on the airline toilets. He notes:

It is rather haunting, the notice above the Flush button in the toilet on the airliner, “Do Not Flush While Seated on Toilet.” One imagines the engineers of the toilet running tests with flush dummies with big flat butts and the suction ripping the stuffing right out of them, and the engineers thinking, “Oh criminy, you mean we wasted three years on this sucker?” So lawyers were brought in to write the warning, which had to be short enough to be printed in large type so that geezers would see it, who are the ones most likely to flush while seated.

So they limited themselves to those seven words and eliminated “Flushing While Seated May Suck Your Colon Out Of You And Cut You A New Orifice While Changing Your Gender In Ways You Don’t Even Want To Think About.”

It’s That Time Of Year





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“Word Crimes” by Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al is back …. and, I’m so glad he is!

I’m all for grammar songs.

I Have No Idea Why I Find This So Very Funny


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Poetry From The Spam Filter: Thirteen


Another entry in my ongoing series of taking the complete, unedited text from an email caught in my WordPress spam filter, and formatting its gibberish into poetry (one email equals one poem — I do not combine them in anyway). Except for formatting the email to look like a poem, I make no changes to text, spelling, content, etc.

Strangely, they seem to make sense when you read them as a poem.  And, as a public service, I offer a reading of the poem as well:



Digital marketing was marketing,
you’d never dream of
are found primarily in stocks.

Bear in mind, rather than oils,
avocadoes and tomatoes that are
taking place.
Undigested food rots
inside the bean is a healthy food toxicity.
Processing removes healthy food essential nutrients.
It s Thursday afternoon, they said;
prevention is better then!
All that downtime takes a lot of people
have an amazing ability to help your child eats
all of us do not eat
adequate amounts of foods they eat.

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This is actually a huge pet peeve of mine. Why do people think they can merge onto the highway going 30 m.p.h.?

Things That Make Me Laugh #19: I Am Very Proud of What I Am….


I watch the movie just for this scene ….



Things That Make Me Laugh #18

After the serious thoughts of the previous post, I thought some laughter was in order. And, the fabulous Miss Coco Peru always, always makes me laugh. In fact, watching Miss Coco play Grand Theft Auto 5 made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes.

Hopefully she’ll work her magic on you and give you a few minutes of laughter.

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milk discovery

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The Pinnacle

My life has reached its pinnacle: I received this in the mail today.


I think there’s nothing left for me to achieve.


Things That Make Me Laugh #17

The faboulous Coco Peru.

Incidentally, Celestial Seasonings sent her a case of Tension Tamer.


Some Things Stay The Same

Earlier this evening, I was looking through some old file folders trying to find a particular piece of paper.

Going through old files can be interesting, when one stumbles upon something that one forgot about. Like two old performance reviews from my last job.

Now, I will admit that when I started this particular job, it was very much outside of my skill set/comfort zone. I took the job because it was a chance to work at the same place as Julian, because it was a fairly new company when I started and there were growth opportunities, and, quite frankly, because the job paid about eight-thousand dollars more per year than the job I was then currently working at.

The first review was for a six month period (the second six months I worked there). If I got a review for my first six months, I don’t have it. But, the second sixth month period dealt with my work in a position that was different than the one I was hired for.

It was a reasonably good review, though in the area of communication, on a scale of 1-5 (five being the best), I received a 2.

I can hear you gasping from here.

Yes. I received poor marks in communication. But, not for the reason you might think.

I wasn’t poor at communicating. Rather, it was because I communicated too much.

Now, I know all of you who’ve followed me for any length of time know that I can certainly write a long, rambling blog post. Sure, it may be well written, even though it’s long. Apparently, in an office environment (I came from a primarily retail/customer service background, so an office setting was a very new thing for me), long, rambling emails are not as well received as long, rambling blog posts. Creativity in an email is frowned upon in an office environment.

I received a 2 on my communication skills, with a comment to “tighten and condense my emails.”

This particular rating came as no surprise as I had really freaked out my supervisors when I wrote a long, rambling email and, in a burst of creative energy used an analogy about a haircut — something along the lines of “It’s like when you go get your hair done in a new style. The hairstylist cuts and styles your hair, and, when you leave the salon, your hair looks perfect, but, once you’re on your own, at home, you can never get your hair to look the same way again.” (That was the short version of the analogy. My recollection is that the analogy was much longer, much more involved, and written with much more flourish.)

I’m fairly certain that one particular supervisor has a permanent scar on his psyche from my long, rambling analogy about the hairdo. Sure, it still gets brought up from time to time, and laughed about, but, I think he still gets a little bug-eyed when he thinks about it too much.

So, with regret, I put away the analogy, and became quite good at short, sweet, to the point emails. It was a good learning experience though. Fortunately, on my blog, I can tell long, rambling hairdo stories any time I so chose. However, if the day comes when I’m back in an office setting, I may have to be reminded to “tighten and condense” again.

The second review, which was for my third six month period, I received a 4.5 on my written communication skills.

I did, however, get another low rating — a 3 rating. This time it was for the following review question: “Is the Leader impartial when faced with emotional situations?”

Sadly, my  emotional behavior was a bit unprofessional. According to my review, “At times of high stress, John tends to let his emotions dictate his professional demeaner” (sic). Translation: John can be a fucking basket case sometimes. This was not a surprise to me because John has always let his emotions dictate his demeanor, for as long as he can remember. And, because you’re all my friends, and I feel I can be honest with you, John is still a fucking basket case sometimes (and, sometimes John is a fucking basket case more than “sometimes”, he’s a fucking basket case “frequently”).

The review also references, as an example, a particularly unprofessional emotional meltdown, when I stood in the middle of the office, and had a very loud meltdown, referring to a fellow employee as a “fucking witch.”

(As an aside: John has, more than once in his life, called someone a “fucking witch”. In the grand scheme of John’s life, “fucking witch” is actually a rather mild insult. John still has meltdowns and uses foul language. Some things stay the same.)

Now, here’s a chance to see if you’re paying attention to the tale, and to see if you can figure out why I’m amused by the two reviews.

Think about it. It might not jump right out at you.

I’ll give you a minute to think about it ….

Did you figure it out?

Well, in case it’s a bit obscure (because I have rambled on a great deal, and if this were tighter and more condensed, it might just leap right out at you), I’ll tell you why I was so amused finding these two reviews. (And, I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t notice at the time. It only dawned on me this evening as I was reading these reviews, and reliving some delightful memories of my job).

According to my reviews, writing long, rambling reviews gets me a 2, on a 1-5 scale (according to the review sheet, a 2 is “below average”). And, according to the reviews, a 3, which equals “average” was my rating for a loud meltdown in which I loudly used the term “fucking witch.” So, seemingly, calling someone a “fucking witch” is not as serious an offense as writing long, rambling emails about hairdos.

Perhaps it has to do with the number of people who were able to laugh at me.

I got a 2 for the email, which only a couple of people saw and read, whereas, the loud, foul-mouthed meltdown was heard by many. So, maybe I got the extra point for providing the entire office with some entertainment for a brief part of an afternoon.

(In case you’re wondering — I really am laughing at the whole thing. I did write long, long, long emails, and I deserved to be called to task for it. And, I did have a meltdown, loudly, and publicly, and, probably deserved a harsher punishment. I was lucky to have worked for that particular company — which no longer exists, except in memories — and, I was exceedingly lucky to have met and worked with some truly wonderful people, several of whom I’m honored to call friends. It was a wild, stressful, wacky ride. I was lucky to have been a part of it all.)


The Annual First Day of The Year List Of Things I Resolve To Do But Will Never Do

I used to make New Year’s Resolutions. For about ten years, the first thing on my list was “Quit Smoking.” It wasn’t until a year that I didn’t have it on my list that I finally quit smoking (which, incidentally, will be ten years ago this coming August).

I used to make a list of things I felt I needed to do in order to improve myself. Because, isn’t that part of the human experience, this notion that we’re constantly in need of being improved upon?

Every year I’d make a list, and, every year I’d accomplish very few of the resolutions. “Being neater and more organized” was on my list for at least twenty years, and I’ve made little to no progress in that particular arena. Same for things like “dust more often” and “vacuum more often.” I used to worry about the dusting and vacuuming, until I realized that we’re lucky if we have one visitor a month, so why bother? I mean, we only dust and vacuum because we don’t want others to think we’re slobs, right?

Working out, going to the gym more, getting into better shape has been on my list for more years than I can count. Every year, I feel good about it, but, after the second or third day at the gym, I’m all:

over it

I used to make a list — sometimes written, sometimes just a mental list — with good intentions to do as many of the things on the list as I could. It seemed that if I could do these things, I’d somehow be a better person.

Then one day it occurred to me, I don’t really care. I am who I am, and you’ll either like me, dusty house and all, or you won’t. I don’t need some list that usually, around June, would start making me feel guilty, because I’d yet to accomplish any of the things on it. So, I stopped with the lists, the resolutions. I’m more impulsive than lists allow — I’ll simply do, or stop doing, something because it just seems to be the time to do, or stop doing something. Besides, I usually lose the list.

This year, though, I thought I’d come up with a list of sorts.

I’ll leave you to decide which things I’m serious about, and which are simply added to make the list longer.

  • Write a blog post every day.
  • Write one scary story each month.
  • Write one poem each month.
  • Vacuum more often.
  • Dust more frequently.
  • Walk more.
  • Take more photos.
  • Comment on at least 10 blog posts each day (instead of only clicking on the like button).
  • Eat less cookies.
  • Smoke more weed. (It is legal here, after all).
  • Eat more fiber.
  • See a therapist.
  • Read a book a week.
  • Keep the surface of my desk clean for longer than one day.
  • Listen to one album every day.
  • Write more.
  • Sleep more during normal sleeping hours.
  • Buy more notebooks to add to my empty notebook collection.
  • Buy more pencils.
  • Shower every day.
  • Try to sound less self-centered.
  • Eat more fruit.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
  • Find a pair of glasses that make me look smart and sexy.
  • Curse more.
  • Try to be less bothered by fact mom watches Fox News.
  • Be more reclusive.
  • Try to like people more.
  • Eat less cheese.
  • After one month of eating less cheese, spend rest of year eating more cheese.
  • Pretend I have some sort of life.
  • Tell Julian more often how much I appreciate all he does to help make my life better.
  • Be more patient.
  • Dream more.

I think that’s a long-enough list of things to ignore, don’t you?